Spark of grey sample

Ruth knitted our 'Spark of grey' sample using 1 pack of neon 'Party days' minis and 2 x 100g skeins of 'Asphalt'.

Here are her notes from her Ravelry project:

Such a great knit! I used the neon minis as colour B, and the grey as colour A. I switched colours for the border - going by the pattern it should have been colour B (I used the grey for the border).

There are 38 rows of ‘sparks’ on the pattern, make through completing 19 repeats of the pattern sequence. On this project I did 7 repeats with the blue before switching to the green and completed 2.5 repeats of each subsequent colour. 

Using a Three Mums Yarn mini skein set you could easily divide 38 by 6 (gives 6.3) - impossible to get exactly even but you could do 4 repeats of the first colour, and then 3 of each subsequent colour.

I followed the instructions in the pattern for making a nice loose flat edge.

I found the pattern a little confusing for the first repeat, but the stitch pattern has such great visual cues and logic that I didn’t need to refer to the pattern much after a while.

I needed the beginning of a second skein of grey to complete the border. If you were happy with a slightly smaller shawl you could stop after the 18th pattern repeat and knit a narrower border.

I have a lot of yarn left over, from both the mini set and the grey skein so now I’m searching for another perfect pattern for minis!

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